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for what ever reason my original post has been deleted via tumblr (wonderful) though it is showing up on my stream. here’s my original text written in may 2011. again, THANK YOUUU IMMENSELY for all of your support! working on solutions and frustrations, but having friends like YOU really makes this an easier battle. preach anywhere and everywhere! you rule.

this is so incredibly heart breaking; 
&thank you urban outfitters social media, you’re just about the fastest instagram team to date. i admire your rapid deleting speed and lack of compassion. 


this post has caused me so much frustration and disappointment in the last few years. it’s just been brought to my attention that URBANOUTFITTERS is now selling a card rip off of this piece. (see next post) congratulations, this totally blows.
regardless, thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported, recognized, credited and fought through this with me (or on your own). it’s just life, it’s just writing, it’s just a feeling, but it’s also just lame.
needless to say, i will NEVER be shopping at UO or related companies & i strongly advise you to do the same. 
(Taken with Instagram)

Jeff Peters.

Hand written text piece I did for a friend (Taken with Instagram at Love Box)
"bastards / fucking / fucking / fuck"
i thought i’d quickly submit my 2 cents.
sort of a good idea