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my attitude is never mediocre; i’m almost always simultaneously feeling 1-3 and 8-10  -
tonight i turned my favorite desktop file collection into a blog. if you want to contribute physically to this collection, i’m not opposed / HERE

the reality of moving to san francisco is dramatically increasing every day & i have a constant urge of “i’m going to pee my pants with excitement” that i can’t seem to shake.

i also drink a lot of coffee

on my plate
  • student services coordinator m-f  9-5 / currently (solely) planning graduation ceremony & celebration for 700+ & grad dinner events 
  • residence hall manager 24/7 / currently checking out current students, coordinating summer cleaning + residences, & admitting 56 incoming fall 2013 students
  • 26+ (current count) portrait commissions ( see HERE for more information) 
  • yoga 5+ days a week / + weekly 3+ hour yogi training
  • friends, family, boyfriend, cat
  • house chores, food? lots of coffee, sleeping & breathing



hi friends; i’m excited to announce a personal challenge i’ve kicked off. in light of asteya (the yama representing “non-stealing”; allowing yourself to have the experience / opportunity) and dhriti (the yama representing overcoming fear, challenging yourself to find more). i’ve created a 50 DAY CHALLENGE FOR PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS! my ideal goal is to create 20+ pieces in 50 days and i would love to share this excitement with YOU. please feel free to contact me for any details, questions or feedback. thank you for all your support; you rule!

girls are so __________.


01. that cat
02. avocado
03. material possessions as a replacement for the quest for knowledge as a replacement for the quest for love
04. breakfast served all day
05. “art” 

Taken with Instagram



crew neck sweatshirts


heathered fabric


sometimes i still want to be an olsen twin


most things off balance. i.e. chairs that tip because the floor isn’t leveled.

broken thumb?

it’s hardly 9am & i already ruined my day.