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first one out the door. thank youuuu tommy. & everybody for the support, reblogs, positivity & commissions! 

Ms. @mallorylucille did an amazing drawing of my shot of @juiceyj. So amazingly spot on that they mix perfectly. 2 of my favorites ladies rolled into one post.
in 2nd grade an art instructor told me ‘you can never ruin a drawing, you can only make it better’. i drew this portrait of my brother a while back and it totally sucked; the other night i found it stuffed in a flat file and made it better. 

you can also purchase a print of this drawing; here
scanned image of this drawing because everything looks better when it’s properly scanned, i guess.
BALLPOINT on Flickr.
page one
Sure enough
joanna! on Flickr.
These guys (Taken with Instagram at LCAD)
Adult job (Taken with Instagram at LCAD)

portrait of artist daniel von der ahe - ball point pen 12” x 20”