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Tid-bits about my love for SF featured on @globalyodel yesterday /

ayyyyyye first book buyers; i got extra excited and ordered your books! thus they’ll arrive in the next few days and to you even sooner than expected! 


So many exciting things* happened in the mail today; care packages from loved ones, a new bag, and first trial print of my book! *Coffee not included.
Giant post-it no. 1
"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me." Graphite #malloryroseart

Another beautiful submission to our “Drawing On The Past” project, this one’s by Mallory Lucille Rose.
She wrote:
“There’s a large age gap between my sisters and I; this print is the bedding from their childhood, and then of course, mine. I’ve always seen my sisters in a golden light - wanting to be more grown up and cool like them. When I moved to San Francisco (grew up), I borrowed this bedding from our parents. I’ve always been a “nostalgic hoarder” for my family and this print reminds me of home, being a child, and wanting to grow up too fast. It more specifically reminds me that I am still a child and the desire to be ‘cool’ like my sisters is the reality I’m living! Life’s funny that way.”
We’re giving away Herschel Supply products to people just for submitting to the project. Wanna join? Full instructions here.
i’ve been up to a lot
hi friends! if you bought an iphone case; thank you, you rule, i bet your phone’s real happy, so am i & pleasesendmeaphoto (selfies will suffice). okayloveyoubye -