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Sometimes my lunch breaks are spent like this.

katie exemplifies my idea of liking “strangers” more than “real life” friends

Ohh, this is what I haven’t been doing the past few months without Tumblr.. taking completely gratuitous self photos while watching Netflix on a Sunday night. It’s good to be back?

Look who’s back & babe-in’
calm down internet, katie is doing just fine. 


My friend Katie and her fiancé Steven found the above palm-sized kitten in the back alley of a restaurant yesterday. Returning to their car after dinner, they heard the sound of cats fighting nearby. Approaching, they watched as numerous cats and kittens scattered away. All scattered, save little Roy. He didn’t run off with the rest of his brothers and sisters or his mom because he couldn’t.  Katie soon discovered he was bleeding and had a limp hanging leg. Without a second’s thought, they scooped him up and headed straight to the emergency vet.  He has now been to two vet appointments and x-rays show he has a broken femur, along with an infection from a bite puncture wound.
Leaving him in the alley was NOT an option. And because his age and injury means immediate death, neither was turning him over to Animal Services. Without a thought of cost, Katie and Steven took it upon themselves to save him and get him the care he needs. I like to believe I would have done the same thing. I like to believe you would have, too.  I can prove I would have!  You can too!  Keep reading.
 The vet bills so far already total nearly $300 (the emergency vet bill last night was $238 and his vet visit and X-rays today was $127). And the surgery necessary to fix Roy’s leg could total $700. They are willing to take full responsibility for Roy and his charges, but are humbly asking for some help with him since Katie and Steven already have a house filled with the luckiest rescues and fosters (pups and cats and a bunny, too) and abandoning him is NOT an option. Please help them help little Roy. If they’re not going to abandon him, I’m not either. They’ve set up a CHIP-IN link to make it the easiest thing. Skip tomorrow’s trip to Starbucks and help Roy the kitten <3 You’ll feel so much better. I promise!In a nutsack:  Roy the kitten fits in your hand.  He has a broken leg .  He’s meowsking you to help him pay for his surgery. He will send you 10 kitten kisses in gratitude for your assistance.
*It should be noted that in the small chance that we possibly raise more than needed for his costs, they intend to use the leftover money to try to get his brothers and sisters back at the restaurant spayed and neutered, or donate the money to a no-kill rescue who can.*

katie is my ultra fav, so you should read/do this if you want/can



The past 24 hours have been.. tiresome. And I’ve been pretty grumpy as a result.
My first reaction was to grab a bottle of wine the minute I got home from work and spend the afternoon in a bubble bath feeling sorry for myself. But I’ve been playing this game long enough to know what makes me feel better and what makes me feel worse, so I picked up my co-op order and made a super-loaded green juice instead. I’ll probably still have some wine later, but it won’t be quite as malicious as it would have been.
It’s amazing the masochistic tendencies we can exhibit in the midst of a bad mood. Amazing and so damn contradictory to what we should be doing in that scenario. I’m glad I’ve developed at least a tiny bit of recognition of these patterns and habits and their respective outcomes, and at least try to be cognizant enough of them to make better, more proactive choices. It took a long time to get here, and I still have a hell of a long way to go, but I appreciate my progress.

Better Juju Juice
1 large purple kale leaf
3 large curly kale leaves
2 carrots
1 stem celery
1 head broccoli
Handful cherry tomatoes
1/2 lemon
1 small radish
1 granny smith apple

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