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side note anonymous

what concerns me about your message is that your attempt to insult me is more rewarding to you than it is hurtful to me.

you see, on a ”anonymous dick messaging” scale of 1 - 10 * i would assume you laughed, smirked and scored a whopping 7 maybe even an 8 leaving your message; kudos. but, on a ”i care what you say” scale of 1 - 10 * i hardly even hit .75

regardless, your negativity is noted and dismissed. you just can’t break this kind of happiness.

*1 being low and 10 being high


being this happy is gross


when you have so much love and happiness in your heart, it begins to overflow and you can’t control what might spill onto those around you. 


today i

went on a 6 mile hike

ate a delicious bagel

drank my favorite kind of coffee

& did an hour and a half of partner yoga

now i’ll





thanks sunday, you’re too kind

!!!!!! on Flickr.
Winner! (Taken with Instagram at Orange County Fair)
HAPPIESTGIRL - new pants, paints & teacup! (Taken with Instagram at Love Box)
they're up! etsy illustrations

made to order, special request & sold out items inquire within.

i am.

happy girl. happy girl. happy girl.

Coffee, Bon Iver & this view.
happy. girl. -
  • new sheets, organic
  • tea in bed
  • catters “back”
  • fresh lilac candle
  • music
  • clean studio
  • no pants & big knit sweater

everything is exactly how & where it should be.

these may not be “in style” anymore, but this is the first time i’ve comfortably (just because you can put it on, doesn’t mean it fits) been able to put these jeans on since my freshmen year of college. they’re size 27 lucky brand jeans with no stretch and reasonably baggy. i love them terribly because they’re so soft and warn in. 5+ years & i’m going to rock them, stylish or not.
it’s friiiiiiiday! -