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do you like burgers? 
avocado cake by jaslynr on Flickr.
butt that cookie though

i’m still thinking about the pizza i ate two days ago




Soulfood ~ Exotic vitamins

Raw Vegan Green Mountain Parfait
unhappiness is

making microwavable padthai
throwing it away because (see above)
making a bowl of cereal but still smelling the padthai

Pinto Beans making a cameo as salt not sugar (Taken with Instagram at The Mission)
Wednesday’s cheese stuck grilled cheese & moar (Taken with Instagram at Denny’s)
"They’re kids cups" rude. (Taken with Instagram at Denny’s)
Things that make you say ooo (Taken with Instagram at LCAD)

i’d like to eat something i can gradeĀ parmesanĀ cheese over, that isn’t pasta.