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styled by: julie & photographed by: derek
89440007 on Flickr.

Julie. Buffalo Creek Ranch. 2013. Polaroid 717.
(Styled by: Julie)
CAN YOU HOLD THIS? @derekwoods Photo: @juiceyj
Found this gypsy romping around the ruins @derekwoods (at Sutro Baths Ruins)
me & darling julie sharpephotography by derek woods 

The lovely folks at Juxtapoz magazine did another write on my work. I can’t even begin to tell you how flattering that is. Thank you so much guys for the featuring my work and for the kind words!
Go check it out!
@derekwoods @juiceyj (Taken with Instagram at Crystal Cove State Park)

We make this wedding look good. (Taken with Instagram)

these two