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reasons someone could use this card:out of bagel bitescant reach the remotetoo much cereal, not enough milktheir parents stopped paying their phone billbunion surgery on tuesdaystill cant find that perfect profile picthey might be a lil bit gassy, all the timeortheir job sucks & their boyfriend/girlfriend dumped themsomething really fucking serious

wearing underwear that’s too bigthe dvd of free willy isn’t in the box caseout of toothpasteyour friends are making out in front of youstepped on a legonobody replied to your textraisins
My second favorite new card  (Taken with instagram)
A new card I’m pretty excited about (Taken with instagram)
Sent my first package out this morning!  (Taken with instagram)
so nervous but excited!
they're up! etsy illustrations

made to order, special request & sold out items inquire within.