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side note anonymous

what concerns me about your message is that your attempt to insult me is more rewarding to you than it is hurtful to me.

you see, on a ”anonymous dick messaging” scale of 1 - 10 * i would assume you laughed, smirked and scored a whopping 7 maybe even an 8 leaving your message; kudos. but, on a ”i care what you say” scale of 1 - 10 * i hardly even hit .75

regardless, your negativity is noted and dismissed. you just can’t break this kind of happiness.

*1 being low and 10 being high

oh look anonymous, my hands are long, just like my face. 

perhaps one of you could link me to the ‘terms & agreements’ that have been enforced by the internet. the such clause that is condemning me to provide source link to ev-er-y-thing i post, on my blog, for anonymous? i don’t specifically recall every signing up to be your personal shopper, “cool-shit” finder or life planner. if you would like something done, do it yourself.