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with a half hour to spare before heading to the airport & off to the bay area. i goofed around to compile what i think are the essentials to packing for a weekend away. realistically it took me a week to pack & i can never make up my mind, like most, but i think i’ll keep this as my go-to plan.
-shorts/jeans-sweaters/jacket-maxi skirt & dress-few basic tanks-limited accessories-optional shoes
throw in a peter pan collared tank, undies, a pair of leggings & a swimsuit & you’re golden. (all of this, mostly + grooming items fit in my north face perfectly). au revior orange county! smell ya’ later!

edit: truth is, i packed more than this.
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    Smart, smart, smart. Dis is great Ms. Rose.
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    good list malz!! (i feel like i own 3/4th of this minus backpack, marc bag, khaki shorts, and aviators)
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