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Tid-bits about my love for SF featured on @globalyodel yesterday /

My kickstarter is in full swing everyone! It’s really happening! Click through the link in my profile to check it out. The rewards for pledging are mostly my art, like my banners, or prints like this. All of my photos are for sale as large prints. If you’ve ever caught yourself wanting to own any of my art, now is an A+ opportunity. In conjunction w the kickstarter, I’m selling everything way discount. Also, there’s a $50 I’ll take your portrait reward. That’s a good deal!
Thanks, friends. Check it out!

atelier bingo.


Kostis FokasKostis Fokas #35, 2014

Paige Powell on Basquiat and the 1980s.

ayyyyyye first book buyers; i got extra excited and ordered your books! thus they’ll arrive in the next few days and to you even sooner than expected!